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4-in-1 IR
(Model No: INT-422)
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4.5 out of 5 Stars
Works like crazy!
Amazon Top 500 Reviewer Vine Voice – INT-422 IR Remote
FINALLY! A Universal remote that really is universal!
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
The best universal remote controller I have owned in my entire life.
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
Bought it for the Xbox One, Works Amazingly
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
Perfect for AppleTV + Xbox One TV users
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
Great remote! Especially for the cost!
Amazon Verified Purchaser – INT-422 IR Remote
First Universal Remote
Dedicated to Streamers
Apple TV®
Media Center®
Xbox One®
Apple TV to INT-422 Mapping
Apple TV INT-422 Mapping
Roku to INT-422 Mapping
Apple TV INT-422 Mapping
Media Center to INT-422 Mapping
Apple TV INT-422 Mapping
Xbox One to INT-422 Mapping
Xbox One INT-422 Mapping
High-end Features – Low-end Price
The Inteset INT-422 is LOADED with features
found only on expensive remotes for just $25.95 FREE shipping...
  1. 4-1 Universal IR Remote 

    Supports up to 4 A/V devices such as TV's, cable STB's, receivers, and Blu-ray players.
  2. Streamer STB Support 

    Supports popular IR capable streamer set-top boxes including: Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Kodi, Media Center, Nvidia Shield, Matricom G-Box, Google TV, Android TV, Popcorn Hour, WD TV, Sony Netbox, ChannelMaster TV, Netgear NeoTV, D-link Movie Nite
  3. Huge Device Database

    Contains a worldwide database of over 100,000 current A/V devices and their associated IR codes and button mappings. Find your device using our simple lookup tool and set its associated code in the remote and that's it!
  4. Custom Labels

    Apply the included label stickers to further customize the remote for your specific devices and buttons. Now there is no second-guessing as to what button does what.
  5. Fully Backlit

    Simply pressing any button on the remote will light-up ALL buttons for several seconds making it easy to navigate during that late night movie.
  1. Learning Capabilities

    If by off chance your device is not in our device database, the INT-422 can learn the IR codes of your original remote. The learning setup is quick and easy.
  2. Macro Support

    One button press does it all! With the INT-422, you can easily program up to 32 commands into a single button. So, for example, you could turn on or off all of your devices, or switch inputs and change a channel to your favorite. The multiple symbol buttons on the bottom of the remote can be used for your macro's.
  3. Volume Lock Support

    Most people use a single device such as a TV, sound-bar, or receiver for audio. You can set up the remote so that the volume and mute buttons control the audio of that device no mater what other mode is selected on the remote.
  4. Channel Lock Support

    Easily add the convenience of channel lock, so you can change the channels no matter what device mode you have selected.
  5. Punch-through Support

    Similar to Volume and Channel Lock, any button can be set to send the same IR signal no matter what device mode is selected.
Complementary Products
If your A/V equipment is behind closed doors, you may be interested in some other helpful Inteset products that work with the INT-422 remote...
IR Repeater
This discrete IR repeater kit will repeat the remote’s signal to multiple devices (up to 8) behind doors.
IR Extender
Hide an unsightly cable box by connecting this IR extender. The receiver ball at the end of the cable is the only thing exposed.